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Orion Tiatia - 50 business apps - whitelabel agency× 1
Subtotal 3,000.00$
VAT 630.00$
Total 3,630.00$

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We have been in business for more than 4 years now. We have helped tens of thousands of people across the world save money on software!

Our customer support is ready to help you out with any questions you may have along the way.

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Tens of thousands of people already saved a lot of money on software by buying Software on

The following reviews are from people that bought the Gappsy Appbuilder Software.

That was the first software that we launched over 4 years ago and still sell to this day!

“Fully featured, intuitive, affordable, great design”

First, let me say I had previously created an app on another platform that was a LOT more expensive… and didn’t have nearly the flexibility that Gappsy gave me! I am a hypnotherapist and coach, so I needed functionality the other company didn’t even offer. I was constantly having to find work-arounds or “second-best” alternatives to what I really wanted. NOT the case with Gappsy! *happy dance*

So here’s what I love about Gappsy:
-ability to add audios and organize into playlists
design templates that make the process of app creation both easy AND very customized (my app doesn’t look like everyone else’s!)
-fast customer support
-fast loading interface and app
-real-time previews while editing
-ability to add a community for my customers right within the app
-full, easy integration with social media platforms
-loyalty programs, booking calendars, and omg too much other stuff to list!

Not to mention, I am NOT a “techy” person, so the fact that they have easy to follow, visually-oriented video tutorials to answer every question I’ve had along the way… well, that is just priceless and saves so many tech headaches!

I was so happy to be able to cancel my other (expensive) platform and go with Gappsy! Super-pleased with the process and my app so far!

– Natalie Kita

“Gappsy – Everything you need!”

As our society, and our world moves ever so speedily into a digital age, Gappsy is here to take you there quickly and smoothly. Whether your interest or needs are for the advancement and retention of your competitive business, or you just want to be the one in your crowd with their own personal app, Gasspy will get it done.

Gappsy provides tons of customizable templates to choose from and build on. They also have a plentiful amount of features to create and enhance your app to be relevant, practical, and enjoyable for all who use it.

For many, one of the most complicated parts of having a mobile app is publishing it to the app stores, Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Gappsy can take the heat out of the flames with an optional assistance that will have you up, running, and published in no time.

As if having some of the best-priced packages wasn’t enough, their periodic Special Offers takes them over the top of all other companies and keeps them there. Whatever level of tech knowledge you may or not have, Gappsy will meet you where you are and fill in every gap. Providing full support and fast responses to any and all issues, you will find that Gappsy is everything you need.

– Rev Owens

“The Gappsy Dashboard has A LOT of Features! A really happy Customer!!!!”

If your thinking of buying… Give this comment a read all the way through!

I was scrolling through Facebook one day when I first came across an advertisement for Gappsy. I was a bit skeptical that it could be that easy to build an app for both Android as well as IOS and I questioned what kind of features could it really provide. I took the risk though, purchased Gappsy and started developing an app to promote my own business. I already had a website and my idea was to connect some of the content located on the site to the app as well as some features that could only be found in the app to add more value. I was absolutely amazed how easy it was for me to create my own app and how much power I had at my disposal with all the different features that came with Gappsy. As I saw all the different options I have available, my idea great become even bigger. Some of the features I included were connecting my podcasts, creating a video feed from my YouTube channel, offering blog posts from my website and even created a members section just to name a few things.

In less than a month I was able to create an Android and IOS app which are both approved as well as easily found in the stores under the name Ezekiel 33:3. You need to definitely check out my app if you want to see what kind of quality and feature power you can get from using Gappsy. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to build such a robust app with so many features so quickly without using their dashboard. The amount of time and money I have saved as well as the quality of the app really says it all. It didn’t take much time before I understood how to use all the different tools in the dashboard and become very excited to publish my first app. The interface is very intuitive and it doesn’t require a development background of any kind to figure things out. You can click on different modules directly inside the dashboard and experiment as well as really easily test on your phone before you even publish.

This certainly won’t be the last time I create an app with Gappsy and my current app has already had 2 approved versions on both IOS/Android in less than 2 months! If you are a business owner of any kind developing with this platform is really a no brainer. It is such a small investment of money that can create a really large return. I may actually start developing apps for other companies using Gappsy as it would be a great way to make extra money as well. Whether you are trying to grow your business or you just want to try creating an app I would strongly recommend you make the purchase and try developing with this product.

– Jason Hogan

“Easy to use, great support team!”

I have only worked with Gappsy for a little while and it seems very intuitive. I really like that it is so visual and that I don’t need to be an expert in programming.
I am still working on my project(s) – I bought two apps and am excited to see the result.
When I had questions the support team responded within a few minutes (which was a pleasant surprise).
Comparing to other customer services this is a wonderful experience and makes me tryst that we will have a great collaboration and result. 🤓

– Gyde Carstensen

“Gappsy is a company that offers what so many of us need!”

Gappsy is a company that offers what so many of us need… a strong mobile app! But the issue for many of us is a lack of knowledge about coding and the process to publish the app. Gappsy offers incredible tools and support to create and guide the app development from beginning to end! Fantastic product and value!

– Jonathan Friedman

“An Incredible Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder!”

This is my 2nd attempt at building an app for my products and services. My first was in 2018, in which I was successful in doing so, but the interface was not good for me, The ability to get it listed on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store was not available. I had to share the download link to my friends and family. So this was short lived.

So two years later (July 2020), I see an ad on Facebook for an app builder (GAPPSY), which provided the interface (Apple and Google Play Stores) I was looking for.

As I looked further into the features that were available within GAPPSY, I found the Drag and Drop Builder which provided some of the features I needed such as Mcommerce (which allows me to make sales within the app), Push Notifications (communicate with customers), Social Wall (customers share their content) and Many More! Without delay I purchased two lifetime plans.

It has been incredibly simple for me to create my app, add the features I need and want. The one and only time I reached out to support, my question was answered in less than 24 hours!

I am indeed a happy customer and loving the software! The creator of this app builder has created something unique. I highly recommend this product and service!

Thanks GAPPSY!

– Frank McMillon

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