Are You Struggling with EMAILS & Sales?


with 2.4x More using ‘Branded APP Messagesthen Open Rate than Email.

Businesses are using Mobile Apps to Generate Leads and Sales, with just a simple click for your fans, prospects or regular customers to Access Your Content & Offers…

PLUS these AMAZING Benefits (without Restrictions):

No monthly fees ever.

Lifetime hosting included for FREE.

Are You Getting Open Rates of 49% or More?


What this means if you need an important message read, chances are it’s not received in the common place and filtered out (Limited by Platforms yet again)…


But thankfully you are able to connect instantly with these (2) methods:

  1. APP Messages (YES, Your Own Chat)
  2. Push Notification (Branded Messages)

This means you are always able to connect, without the limits!

Most IMPORTANTLY No Restrictions

There are no limits in algorithms, reach, promotion-tabs, sp–am. You are at your full control, even let your fans or customers know when you have new content or offers..

 People Spend 89% of their Daily Smartphone Usage on APPS

Your Own Platform (Mobile APP)

For “Business Owners” in any of the following industries

  • B2B
  • Non-Profit
  • ​Agency/Freelancer
  • Blogging/Affiliate
  • ​Just Getting Started!
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Local Small Business
  • ​Info Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Network Marketing

Finally! An App Builder that let’s you drag and drop elements…

No coding needed. 3 Easy Steps

1. Choose a Design.

Get Access to 100+ Mobile App Templates & layouts. Customize it to your exact needs and add your own logo.

2. Drag & Drop.

Add advanced features to your app by dragging them from our library of features and dropping them into your app.

3. Publish.

Publish your App in the iOS Appstore and  Android Playstore with our step-by-step guide. 

NOW, You’re Wondering. How have we been able to create a Deal this Good?

-AS, We have so many business owners using the Gappsy ‘Native APP Builder’, we are able to reduce server costs while maintaining 99.9% Uptime…


Gappsy ‘Native APP Builder’

No Coding Required

EVERYTHING You Get When You Order ‘Gappsy Native APP Builder’ Today!

Lifetime Access to APP Builder      

✅ Lifetime Hosting

Your Own APP on iOS & Android

Unlimited Editing

Unlimited App Downloads & Users

Add Ads to Your APP for Monetization

Unlimited Usage

Unlimited Push Notifications

Webhook Integration

Today Total VALUE $684

Saving $684/year (App Developers & Hosting)

Create Your APP Today

(Do it Yourself without Coding).

Just $87 (1-Time)

That Means Lifetime Hosting, Updates

(No Monthly Fees this alone would cost $57/month)


Frequently asked questions.

How many apps can I build with the Lifetime Deal?
You can build 1 app with the Lifetime Deal. That means, 1 Apple iOS app, 1 Android Playstore and 1 Webapp (Like a website). You create 1 app and they get formatted for these 3 versions at the same time.
If you would like to get more apps, you can do so during the checkout process. At the end of the checkout you will get an option to get an extra app for $67 one time fee.
If you want more apps, you can just complete the checkout process several times.
What are the limitations of the Lifetime Deal?
There are no limitations! You get Unlimited app downloads and unlimited users on your app. You also get access to push notifications and the other features displayed on this page.
The Lifetime Deal is the same as the Premium Plan that regularly costs $57/month. The only difference is that now you can get the Premium Plan for a one time fee of $87.  If you would like to get lifetime priority support and lifetime access to new advanced features and layouts when we add them to the Gappsy Builder then you could chose to pay an extra $57 one time payment. It would allow you to get lifetime Priority Support and Lifetime new Updates to new features and layouts. This extra deal is not something you have to buy if you do not want it. You will be presented with this deal in the middle of your checkout process. You can simply deny or accept it.
How long does it take to create my app?

You can create your own app within hours thanks to the layouts, features, content and other elements ready at your disposal with Gappsy. It may take longer if you decide to explore the software further and explore the infinite customization possibilities it offers.

Can I earn money with my app?

Yes, you can. There are several ways to make money with your own app. You can use our Google Admob plugin. This plugin allows you to get paid by google for every user that is on your app. You can calculate how much you would earn by doing this here:

You could also sell products to your users on the app with our integrated shop plugin. 

You could also try to find sponsors personally and ask them to pay you for a promotion on your app. Just like influencers on Instagram get paid to mention a company on their instagram. You could get paid by adding a promotion picture or video of a company in your app. 

By the way, all the money that you earn through your app, is yours. You don’t have to pay a percentage to us!

Can I edit my app after it has been published in the app stores?
Yes, you can. That’s what makes Gappsy so powerful. You can edit your app even after it has been published in the app stores. You can edit it on the Gappsy platform and it will automatically update the app in the app stores and for the users that downloaded the app already.


This doesn’t work with some big changes like the background colour of the homescreen of your app or the icon of your app.


How long does it take for my app to be published in the app stores?

After you submit your app to Apple and Android it can take 1-4 days to be approved by them. 

Can you help me Publish the app?

Like explained before, you do need your own iOS and Android developer account. This will cost you $99 a year for Apple and $25 once for Android. 

We can help you publish your app on your developer accounts. We offer a service in which we do this for our clients. This service costs $497 (currently at a special deal, at $197, you will be able to grab it on the checkout page). However if you just want to save that money, we will provide you with documentation on how you can publish the app on your own. More information on publishing here:

Do I have to pay to publish my app in the app stores?
Unfortunately, yes.. Apple wants every Mobile app to be published by its owner. So if you are building an app for your own Restaurant, you need to pay for a developer account for Apple and publish your own app with your own developer account.                                                                                                                
The yearly fee to have your own developer account for Apple is $100 a year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Because of these new rules we decided that it would be best if we did the same with the Android apps.. So if you build an Android app and you want to publish it, you will need your own Android Developer account.                                                                                                                                        The costs for an Android Developer account is just $25 once. There are no recurring costs for that!
Is there a refund policy?
Yes there is a 14 day refund policy on this Lifetime Deal. You can simply request a refund and we will pay you back. 
Will my app get updated?
Yes! The Gappsy Builder makes sure that your app stays up to date with the Apple and Android appstores. These automatic daily updates, are free of charge.
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