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Andrea Studios

Do we recommend hiring Andrea Studios?:

❌ No, we do not. 👎

Instead we compiled a list of the Top 25 Marketing Agencies in New York for you

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At Gappsy we provide business owners with unique software for a one time payment. No monthly fees ever. Gappsy's mission is to make software affordable again by offering Software Lifetime Deals (see our software products). On top of that we create ranking lists of marketing agencies. We also review marketing agencies. We started doing this to recommend the top marketing agencies to our 10,000+ clients that are using the Gappsy software products.

You can read our Andrea Studios Reviews on this page. Andrea Studios is a New York based Marketing Agency. The agency has not been listed on our Top 25 Marketing Agencies in New York page


Andrea Studios Introduction

Location: New York, United States

Andrea Studios

Here is how Andrea Studios describes themselves:

Andrea Studios presents itself as a full-service digital marketing agency targeting small businesses and aesthetic practices. It is helmed by Andrea Comuzzi, who serves as the Founder & CEO. The agency claims expertise in a variety of areas, including brand design and strategy, website development, social media strategy, and online marketing. The website suggests that Comuzzi’s background in architecture and experience as a webmaster contribute to her agency’s comprehensive approach to digital branding and marketing.

The services offered by Andrea Studios are grouped into three primary categories:

1. Digital Build: This includes transforming a client’s brand for online platforms to increase conversions and sales, with services such as branding, rebranding, e-commerce development, and digital optimization.

2. Marketing Growth: This focuses on results-driven marketing strategies designed to showcase a brand positively to achieve a high return on investment and increased sales. The services listed under this category cover social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, campaign management, and ad creation and management.

3. Automation and Management: This service is centered around a software solution intended to streamline various business operations, featuring a CRM system, reputation management, lead generation, analytics, sales tracking, and an appointment system.

Andrea Studios also advertises specialized consulting services, including a business intensive strategy with a detailed audit and roadmap planning for online business presence, as well as 1:1 consulting calls for personalized guidance on branding and marketing. A signature system is mentioned that incorporates strategy, branding, website and funnels, content planning, optimization, and automation. Furthermore, they plan to offer business templates for various industries and an all-in-one creator tools system, which is yet to be launched at the time of the information provided.

The portfolio section on the website features categories like identity, lead generation, online marketing, packaging, print, reputation management, SEO, social media, and website design. It showcases a selection of projects completed by the agency, demonstrating its work across different sectors and service offerings.


What services does Andrea Studios provide?

Andrea Studios provides a range of services aimed at helping businesses establish and enhance their online presence and marketing efforts. The following detailed descriptions outline the services available as indicated on their website:

1. Digital Build Services:
– Branding & Rebranding: Crafting and refreshing brand identities to make them suitable for digital mediums.
– Brand Naming & Taglines: Creating memorable and impactful brand names and taglines that resonate with target audiences.
– E-commerce: Building online stores to facilitate e-commerce transactions and digital sales.
– High Converting Websites: Designing websites with a focus on conversion optimization to turn visitors into customers.
– Digital Optimization: Improving digital assets to maximize their performance and effectiveness in the digital space.

2. Marketing Growth Services:
– Social Media Marketing: Developing and executing strategies for engaging with audiences on various social media platforms.
– Content Marketing: Creating valuable content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, with the aim of driving profitable customer action.
– Email Marketing: Designing and deploying email campaigns to nurture leads and maintain customer relationships.
– Campaign Management: Overseeing marketing campaigns from conception to execution to ensure they meet business objectives.
– Ad Creation + Management: Producing and managing advertisements across different platforms to promote products or services.

3. Automation and Management Services:
– Multichannel Marketing Follow Up: Coordinating marketing efforts across various channels for consistency and increased reach.
– Powerful CRM: Utilizing customer relationship management software to track interactions with current and potential customers.
– Reputation Management: Managing and influencing the public perception of the business online.
– Lead Generation + Nurturing: Implementing strategies to attract potential customers and develop their interest over time.
– Analytics + Sales Tracking: Using data analysis tools to track sales and customer interactions for insights into business performance.
– Appointment System: Providing a system to manage bookings and appointments efficiently.

4. Consulting and Strategic Planning:
– Business Intensive Strategy: Developing a comprehensive plan for branding and online marketing after conducting an audit of the client’s online presence.
– 1:1 Consulting Calls: Offering personalized advice and insights on branding, websites, funnels, social media, and offers.

5. Signature Systems and Custom Services:
– Andrea Studios Signature System: Implementing a full social branding and marketing system, including strategy, branding, website and funnels, lead generation offers, content plan, optimization, and automation.
– Custom Done-For-You Agency Services: Tailored services for clients based on application and availability.

6. Upcoming Offerings:
– Business Templates: Planning to release a collection of templates for branding guides, websites, funnels, and social media catered to various business types.
– All-In-One Creator Tools System: A forthcoming software solution that integrates website and funnel templates with contacts, forms, chat widgets, and more for a comprehensive online marketing platform.

The portfolio section on the website showcases a variety of completed projects, providing prospective clients with examples of work in different service categories such as branding, online marketing, reputation management, SEO, social media, and website design.

Andrea Studios Clients:

Andrea Studios has worked with a diverse range of clients, predominantly in the small business and aesthetic practice sectors. The website features testimonials from a few of their clients, providing insights into the types of businesses and professionals they serve. Here are some of the clients mentioned along with their associated industries:

– Aesthete Medical Wellness & Medspa: A business in the medical wellness and spa industry. Dr. Kathryn Alcarez from this practice praises Andrea Studios for elevating their branding with graphics, posts, a website, and even merchandise.

– Entrepreneur Monica Walters: An individual entrepreneur who commends Andrea’s ability to tailor designs to the client’s unique needs.

– Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics: This health and aesthetics practice, led by Dr. Heather Evans, has worked with Andrea Studios for branding and marketing services.

– The Beauty Syndicate & SLB Worldwide: Shawn L Brown from this beauty enterprise appreciates the ease of working with Andrea Studios and the professional guidance provided.

– Hope with Lynn: Lynn Larson Deer, representing this business, lauds the agency for creating a fantastic website, logos, banners, cards, and more.

– Dream Dealer: Karen Stasus from Dream Dealer, which seems to be a personal brand, endorses Andrea Studios for helping build their brand and producing professional promotional material.

The portfolio section of the website also lists projects completed for clients in various service categories, suggesting a wider range of clients served by the agency:

– JCF Decorators Upholstery and Window Treatments: A client in the interior decorating sector.

– Nouveau Boutique Dermatology: A dermatology boutique, indicating Andrea Studios’ experience in the healthcare and aesthetic market.

– Filing Immigration Services: A business in the legal and immigration services industry.

– Comuzzi Accounting: An accounting firm, which may indicate the variety of professional services firms Andrea Studios caters to.

– Others: The portfolio indicates work done in identity, lead generation, online marketing, packaging, print, reputation management, SEO, social media, and website design, showcasing a broad spectrum of clients across different mediums and markets.

It’s evident from the testimonials and portfolio that Andrea Studios has a client base that spans various industries, from medical wellness to personal branding and professional services. The detailed descriptions of their work and the outcomes achieved for these clients are showcased through the portfolio and testimonials provided on the website.

Andrea Studios Competitors:


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  • $20.000+



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  • $1.000+

Not included in our Top 25 Marketing Agencies in New York..

After thorough research we concluded that this agency is not a part of it. Take a look at the list below. 

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more regions coming soon!

Andrea Studios Reviews


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Gappsy does not recommend hiring this agency. We made a Top 25 Marketing Agencies list with the best Agencies in New York that we can recommend

Write a review about Andrea Studios?

Do we recommend Andrea Studios?

In short, No we do not! 👎

After checking their socials, their website and the reviews written about Andrea Studios, our conclusion is that it is not a bad marketing agency. However, we do not recommend Andrea Studios. The Top 25 Marketing Agencies in New York that we have compiled after thorough research. See the Top 25 Marketing Agencies in New York here