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Gappsy is the future of app development!
Vincent Palafox on Sep 13, 2020

Wow, finally an app/software that you can create apps with. The best part is you don’t have to know code. This is one of the coolest software applications I have seen and or used. It is capable of so much any business would have use for it. With its simple and intuitive GUI, anybody with minimal experience will be able to bring an app to life for their business no matter what they do. Hands down the best bang for your buck out there, not to mention the best there currently is out there. Whether you are running a restaurant, podcast, auto repair shop, or simply creating an app to keep your chess club schedules, Gappsy is for you! Don’t waste your time on other app building software, get Gappsy today!

The Gappsy team is simply the best
Samuel K Mathew on Sep 09, 2019

The Gappsy team are simply outstanding. The best is their customer support and the ease to use platform. The training support is amazing where you get the answers to all your questions. My app was in action so quickly and that’s the beauty of the service and support which I feel is simply amazing. Thank you team gappsy

An Incredible Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder!
Frank McMillon on Sep 09, 2020

This is my 2nd attempt at building an app for my products and services. My first was in 2018, in which I was successful in doing so, but the interface was not good for me, The ability to get it listed on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store was not available. I had to share the download link to my friends and family. So this was short lived.

So two years later (July 2020), I see an ad on Facebook for an app builder (GAPPSY), which provided the interface (Apple and Google Play Stores) I was looking for.

As I looked further into the features that were available within GAPPSY, I found the Drag and Drop Builder which provided some of the features I needed such as Mcommerce (which allows me to make sales within the app), Push Notifications (communicate with customers), Social Wall (customers share their content) and Many More! Without delay I purchased two lifetime plans.

It has been incredibly simple for me to create my app, add the features I need and want. The one and only time I reached out to support, my question was answered in less than 24 hours!

I am indeed a happy customer and loving the software! The creator of this app builder has created something unique. I highly recommend this product and service!

Thanks GAPPSY!

IMHO The best out there
Vincente Split Image Sierra on Sep 10, 2020

IMHO The best out there
After seeing their ad on Facebook I was a little skeptical but I wanted to give it a fair shot anyway. I have been researching various places to create apps online and some of them checked most of the boxes but none of them really ticked all of them. I was looking for cost, ease of use, and flexibility. I just can’t believe that it took me so long to find Gappsy, and now that I have I’m never going anywhere else.

First let’s start with cost now their normal prices are not bad to begin with but if you’re lucky enough to catch a sale when they’re advertising it then it becomes the most cost-effective platform you will ever sink money into. So my first recommendation to anybody looking to try out the service is be on the lookout for specials as they’ll not only make this an even more interesting product to look at but also should you go with it, which I highly recommend, then it also gives you the best bang for your buck out of any similar app creation software out there.

When it comes to ease of use, I have always preferred a WYSIWYG experience and the fact that there’s an actual mobile device on screen to show you what your changes will look like in real time is a fantastic thing to have. I love the ability to try different looks or configurations and see what they’ll look like on a device in real time. There is also a weblink which you can use to view your app within a web browser on a mobile device which is handy if you’re really trying to customize the feel for things.

The flexibility of the Gappsy service has to be one of its main standout features. It’s amazing when you’re able to not only use the built-in features of the service but also incorporate things like HTML code or iframes or other little tools that you can use to customize what you’re able to offer within your app. In the app that I have currently built I have included custom things like a request page ( I built a radio station app ), I incorporated a Facebook feed widget, and even have a Twitch live stream embedded in one of the app pages. When you take that into account along with all the other tools like push notifications and in-app messaging that are already part of the service, you get a level of flexibility that in this day and age is absolutely mandatory for you to be able to keep up with the times and keep up with your audience.

I would definitely highly recommend Gappsy to anyone who’s looking to build an app whether they’re first-time builder or a veteran app creator. The tools the price the flexibility all really can’t be beat and really make this the best all around app creator on the market today.

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