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Stop renting your internet presence, Start owning it!

The 3 Problems of Renting:

Problem 1 

Social Media Platforms.

Have you ever wondered how you only get a few likes, even though you have hundreds or thousands of Facebook or Instagram friends? 

Well, unfortunately this is the way it works on the Social Media Platforms.. They deliberately show you to only 1-3% of your friends. They are keeping companies hostage this way. 

Problem 2

Third Party Platforms.

Platforms that "connect" restaurants with customers are squeezing every single dollar out of the restaurants by charging them per sale. 

These type of marketplace platforms for restaurants and beauty salons are taking companies hostage. As a business owner you can wake up one day and be demanded to pay a higher fee per sale or booking. 

Problem 3

Customer Retention.

All platforms have spam boxes in place. Platforms don't allow customers to communicate with all of their customers for free. Because of this, companies are unable to convert the lists of existing customers they have, into a reliable, recurring stream of revenue.

What's the solution?

Having your own platform - your own Mobile Application. Here is why:


Reason 1  

You're the owner.

Since the Mobile application is your own platform, no one can take you hostage.

No one can cut down your organic exposure. Every single person that downloads your Mobile application, will see your content and even get push notifications!


Reason 2

More profit.

Cut the middleman. With your own mobile application you can sell products directly to your customers. You won't have to share your profits with anyone.

On top of that, smart tools like an appointment planner, loyalty card, scratch card and personalised push notifications that do not end up in a spam box, so customer retention will be way higher. Revenue will immediately


Reason 3  

It's the future.

Mobile applications are the new websites. In some time, every single company will have their own Mobile application. It will be the new standard. First mover advantage will be huge. Mobile traffic went from 0.7% in 2009 to 57% in 2019 and will continue to go up. 

The big companies

When you want to stay in business and stay relevant in the future,  just look at what the big companies are doing.
Every single one of them have their own mobile application. Just think of one and go to the app stores and see it for yourself.

Examples of companies that need their own Mobile application!


Beauty Salons

Yoga Studio's


Ecom stores






Golf Courses

And the rest..

The traditional way of creating a mobile application.

A lot of problems

- You need to find developers to build the first version of the app for you and pay them up to tens of thousands of dollars.

- You need to pay these developers very high monthly fees to fix bugs on your app.

- If you have no coding experience, you can not edit anything in your own app yourself.

- Your app will get outdated very fast. Software changes every day, what was cutting edge yesterday, is outdated today.


The new way, Meet Gappsy!

Build low cost, high quality apps yourself

- You can create the app yourself without having any coding experience
- No need to pay tens of thousands of dollars to developers.

- No need to pay high monthly fees to developers to fix your app bugs.

- Don't want to create the app yourself? Let our team take care of it for you!


What features can you have in your app?

Push notifications

Send out personalized (promotional) messages to everyone that downloaded your app. Great way to directly increase revenue


Sell products or services inside of your app with our integrated payment systems. You can also take cash.

Appointment planner

Let your app users book appointments. Can be for a beauty salon for example, or to book a table at a restaurant

Loyalty Card

Reward your app users when they book an appointment or when they order something inside of your app or in your store.

Scratch Card

Do giveaways inside of your app with your own scratch card. Chose a prize and allow people to scratch. You chose the winning/losing odds.


Turn your app into a membership platform. Only give certain people access to certain pages. Make them pay for it.

Chat System

Allow one on one chats inside of your app, just like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. You can also allow group chats inside of your app. Great way to stay in touch with your customers.

Google Ads

Make money with your app by including google ads. Every user that opens your app, will bring money into your bank account. 

Embed a website

You can embed any website or any specific page of a website inside of your app and it will look like its made specifically for the app!




Integrate your complete Woocommerce store inside of your app. Everything will sync automatically and sales will be displayed on your woocommerce website automatically.


Connect any platform / Software with your app with Zapier and Webhooks. 

Music, Video and Images

You can have your own podcast inside of your app and you can add pictures and videos. There are no extra hosting costs for this!

& Many more features you can add!

We are actively building new features to add to the Gappsy platform. Our existing users can always request new features and we will work on getting them live!